Valuation of movable property

The valuation of various movable assets includes: household and office items (appliances, furniture, etc.) and the valuation of any other movable asset.


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Professional valuation of movable property in Lithuania

The valuation requires proof of ownership (acquisition documents, inventory card (companies)).

Valuation of movable assets may be required when:

  • preparation of financial statements;
  • the property is subject to taxation;
  • the need to determine losses incurred;
  • the asset is mortgaged;
  • insurance;
  • assets are sold or otherwise disposed of.

The valuation of movable assets requires not only specific knowledge and skills but also time. That is why we suggest that you leave this process to us. We will not only answer all your questions, but also ensure that the valuation process is carried out smoothly and objectively.


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    How does the valuation of movable property work?

    The valuation process for movable property can be divided into three steps:

    • The first stage is for the professional to get to know the client and their needs. The interview can be carried out both in a meeting and remotely. The aim of the interview is not only to analyse what the client wants, but also to obtain all the necessary documents.
    • In the next stage, the assessor gets to know the property and the documents provided. The property is not only inspected but also photographed. Once the inspection is complete, the valuer will carry out a market analysis and calculations.
    • After these steps, the valuer can prepare a valuation report for the movable property. This is an official document which not only describes the property but also provides arguments to support the value stated.

    The valuation of movable property is a quick and straightforward process when carried out by an experienced professional. So if you want to avoid any complications, your task is to choose a licensed professional with not only theoretical but also practical knowledge.

    Choose experts from our team

    Looking for experienced movable property valuers? Then our team is exactly what you are looking for:

    • We have been providing valuation services for more than 18 years. Our experience helps us not only to work faster, but also to meet all our clients’ expectations, even the most difficult ones.
    • We understand that in order to remain a good professional, you need to not only work every day and add new jobs to your portfolio, but also to improve yourself. That’s why we not only use reliable and valid sources of information
    • We strive to improve not only as a team, but also individually. Our appraisers not only regularly participate in seminars organised by the professional organisations and supervisory authorities of the Republic of Lithuania, but also belong to professional organisations of property appraisers and are members of the Lithuanian Chamber of Appraisers and the Lithuanian Association of Property Appraisers.
    • We provide a wide range of services. In addition to valuation of movable property, we can offer real estate, retrospective, maritime and inland waterway transport, land, forestry and industrial machinery valuation.
    • We are independent valuers, so you can be sure that we are objective and impartial.
    • We value every client equally. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are a small or a large client. Our goal is to exceed every client’s expectations and ensure that they want to work with us again in the future.
    • Confidentiality is our top priority. We do not disclose any information relating to our clients.
    • It is important to us that we offer our clients not only quality service but also fair pricing. Therefore, we strive to ensure that we offer our clients good value for money.

    Where can you find us?

    We are based in Vilnius and Klaipėda, but work throughout Lithuania. If you are interested in valuation of movable property, please contact us and we will tell you more about our services and provide you with a tailor-made offer.