Customs valuation of used vehicles

A customs valuation of used vehicles will help you to calculate customs duties, taxes, etc. properly. We will ensure that the clearance process for your vehicles is not only smooth but also fast.


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Professional customs valuation of used vehicles in Lithuania

For the temporary importation of vehicles, we repair the defects and draw up a “Certificate of defects in the imported vehicle due to damage” in the prescribed form.

Services are available for both used and damaged vehicles. Used vehicles are defined as vehicles that:

  • have more than 6 months of service life;
  • a mileage of more than 6000km;
  • have been damaged for some reason.

Other vehicles, such as motorcycles, quad bikes, etc., which have been damaged for some reason or show signs of wear and tear are also considered as second-hand vehicles.

Defective vehicles are vehicles with defects. Defects can arise from a variety of causes, including traffic accidents, acts of third parties, natural disasters, etc.


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    In which cases is a customs valuation of used vehicles required?

    The import of used vehicles from third countries is still very relevant. However, importing is not as simple as many people imagine. In order to import a vehicle from another country, certain established customs procedures have to be followed. This may require that the vehicle is properly assessed and that all the necessary information is submitted to customs. Knowledge of the law is essential for the customs procedure. This is why we suggest that you do not take the risk of going it alone. Customs valuation of used vehicles is useful for both natural persons seeking to import a single vehicle and legal persons importing vehicles for sale. The company’s valuers have the technical knowledge and experience to carry out a qualified valuation of damaged imported used vehicles for customs clearance purposes.

    Is the customs valuation of second-hand vehicles different from that of other assets?

    Customs valuation of second-hand vehicles is carried out in the same way as customs valuation of other goods. The same principles and methods are used.

    We are here to help with the customs valuation process

    In order to have a professional customs valuation of vehicles, it is essential to find a team of experts who can not only provide a quality service, but also answer all your questions. Contact us because we:

    • we have been successfully providing not only customs valuation of used vehicles for over 9 years, but also a wide range of other valuation services, which gives us the opportunity to improve in different areas every day;
    • we not only use reliable and valid sources of information, but also keep an eye on market news and trends;
    • continuously improving our knowledge. Members of our team participate in seminars organised by professional organisations of valuers and supervisory authorities in the Republic of Lithuania, are members of professional organisations of property valuers, members of the Lithuanian Chamber of Valuers and the Lithuanian Association of Property Valuers;
    • we are independent appraisers and therefore work objectively and impartially;
    • every client is equally important to us, no matter how big or small;
    • we offer our clients fair pricing.

    Questions? Contact us

    Interested in customs valuation of used vehicles? Then you probably not only have a lot of questions, but also want to know more about our services and pricing. The price for customs valuation of used vehicles is individually determined, so please contact us, tell us about your plans and we will answer all your questions. You will find us in Klaipėda and Vilnius, but our services are not only available in these cities but also throughout Lithuania. Contact us by phone or send us an enquiry and we will get back to you within 8 working hours.