Vehicle valuation

Vehicle valuation is the determination of the market value of passenger cars, cars, commercial vehicles, buses, motorhomes, motorcycles, lorries, special purpose vehicles and rail vehicles.


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Professional vehicle valuation in Lithuania

The following documents are required for the assessment of the car: the vehicle registration certificate, the roadworthiness test card. The purpose of the assessment must also be stated. If the car needs to be valued after an accident, you must also provide the accident declaration or a police certificate and describe the circumstances of the accident.

The vehicle may need to be assessed when:

  • the financial statements of a company (the owner of the vehicle);
  • the vehicle has been damaged and it is necessary to determine the damage suffered;
  • to obtain social assistance for the car;
  • the car is subject to taxation;
  • the car is mortgaged (car leasing, car loan);
  • the car is insured;
  • the car is sold or otherwise transferred.

In all these cases, our qualified team can help you. Vehicle valuation is neither a difficult nor a complicated procedure when carried out by specialists in their field. So if you want a quick and hassle-free process, turn to us.


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    What does the value of a vehicle depend on?

    The author is very unstable. She is constantly changing, evolving, growing. However, the value of the vehicle market is not only determined by the changing market and prevailing trends, but also by other things. The valuation of vehicles takes into account the general characteristics of the vehicle, such as make, model, year of manufacture, as well as mileage, equipment, gross weight, etc. These are the most important factors to ensure that the valuation of vehicles is carried out correctly.

    How is the independent valuation of vehicles carried out?

    Although many people may find the process of vehicle valuation confusing and complicated, we can assure you that the procedure is not only fast, but also has no hassles. At the time of the appointment, you will not only have to present the vehicle for the experts to inspect and assess it, but also the documents required for the process. In some cases, customers are unable to deliver the vehicle to the agreed location. Don’t worry, in this case our specialists will come to the location you specify and inspect the vehicle. Once they have assessed your vehicle, the valuers will provide you with a vehicle valuation report. It will not only state what the vehicle is worth, but also give the reasoning behind it.

    Why should you choose us?

    Valuation of vehicles is a fairly common service, and there are plenty of specialists in this field. Why should you turn to us? Here are the most important reasons:

    • We are qualified and experienced professionals. Our team has been working in this field for more than 18 years, so you can be sure that you are in the hands of experts in their field.
    • We use reliable and valid sources of information, but we also keep an eye on market news and trends. We are also a motivated team, committed to continuous improvement. Our team is constantly upskilled and up-to-date with professional news. Our specialists are also members of professional organisations of property appraisers, the Lithuanian Chamber of Appraisers and the Lithuanian Property Appraisers Association.
    • We are an independent property valuation team, so you can be sure that we work not only professionally but also objectively.
    • We strive not to be one of the best, but the best. That’s why we treat every client equally and strive to not only meet but exceed their expectations.
    • We provide vehicle valuation services to both natural and legal persons.
    • We constantly monitor market prices to ensure that our customers are offered favourable and fair pricing.

    How long does it take to get an independent vehicle valuation?

    The typical turnaround time for a property valuation report is 1-3 days. However, it may take longer, depending on the submission of documents relevant to the valuation process.

    Where can you find us?

    You can find us in Vilnius and Klaipėda, but we work all over Lithuania. Contact us for more detailed information about our services, processes and prices. We will guarantee that your vehicle will be properly valued.