Assessment of maritime and inland waterway transport

The valuation of maritime and/or inland waterway vehicles is the determination of the value of any type of self-propelled or non-self-propelled passenger, cargo, technical (service, research, maintenance, etc.) vessel, ferry (passenger, cargo, mixed), which is or may be used for maritime and/or inland waterway navigation.


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Professional maritime and inland waterway transport assessment in Lithuania

Our team includes marine engineers who are familiar with the technical aspects of the vessel.

The following documents are required for the assessment: the vehicle registration certificate (if registration is compulsory), the last technical survey (if a technical survey is compulsory) or the documentation from the classification society confirming the class of the vessel, and other technical documentation supporting the condition of the vessel. For example: periodic hull thickness measurement report, documentation of routine maintenance and/or repairs.

An assessment of maritime and/or inland waterway transport may be required when:

  • preparation of financial statements;
  • taxation of assets;
  • the need to determine losses incurred;
  • assets are mortgaged;
  • assets are insured;
  • assets are sold or otherwise disposed of.

If you want the maritime and/or inland waterway valuation process to run smoothly, make sure you choose a licensed valuer who not only has theoretical knowledge but also practical experience.


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    How is maritime and inland waterway transport assessed?

    The assessment of maritime and/or inland waterway transport consists of three steps:

    • In the first phase, the assessor learns about the client’s needs and provides information on the documentation required. Once the assessor has received the necessary documents and knows the client’s requirements, he/she can continue the process and start the assessment.
    • The second stage is the analysis of the data and the valuation of the property. The sooner you provide the appraiser with the necessary documents, the sooner he can start analysing them. Once the information has been analysed and the property has been inspected, the assessor can then start to prepare a report, which not only presents the conclusions of the assessment, but also the reasoning behind it.
    • The final stage is the delivery of the maritime and/or inland waterway valuation report to the client or an authorised person.

    At any point in the process, the client can contact the valuer and ask questions. The valuer’s job is not only to carry out the valuation process and deliver the report to the client, but also to make sure that the client has no further questions regarding this stage. Questions may arise not only during the process, but also after reviewing the report. Our experts are happy to advise clients after the report has been received.

    Why should you choose our team?

    The assessment of maritime and/or inland waterway transport is not only complex but also difficult for those with little experience. That is why we suggest you choose our independent valuers, who have extensive experience in providing a wide range of valuation services. The main advantages of our company are:

    • We have specialised in valuation for over 18 years. Our team provides a wide range of valuation services, including real estate and movable property, land, forestry, industrial machinery, maritime and inland waterway transport, etc.
    • In addition to using reliable and valid sources of information, we also monitor market news and trends. We learn every day because it is important for us to stay at the forefront of the market and to be aware of the latest market news and trends.
    • Our team of appraisers regularly participates in seminars organised by professional organisations of appraisers and supervisory authorities in the Republic of Lithuania. Our appraisers are also members of professional organisations of property appraisers, the Lithuanian Chamber of Appraisers and the Lithuanian Property Appraisers Association.
    • We are independent valuers, so we work objectively and without bias.
    • We do not divide clients. All clients are equally important to us, regardless of the size of their project. We maximise each client’s expectations and make sure that all their questions are answered as fully as possible.
    • We work confidentially. The information you give us will be protected and not disclosed to others.
    • We understand that clients are not only interested in the quality of our services, but also in price. That is why we keep an eye on market prices in order to offer our customers fair pricing.

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    The assessment of maritime and/or inland waterway transport requires not only theoretical knowledge but also experience, which is why we suggest leaving this process to professionals in their field. We will not only perform our services promptly, but also with quality. Contact us and we will tell you more about the maritime and inland waterway transport valuation process and provide you with a tailor-made proposal. You can also send us an enquiry, leaving the necessary information. We will get back to you within the next 8 hours with a personalised offer. Although we are based in Vilnius and Klaipėda, our services are not only available in these cities but also throughout Lithuania. Contact us and we will carry out your maritime and/or inland waterway transport valuation quickly and efficiently.