Car body paint thickness (quality) examination (measurement)

Measuring the paint thickness of a car’s bodywork is often done when buying a used car. The car body is the most visible and at the same time the most vulnerable part of the car, covering all the rest of the car’s mechanical structures.


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Professional car body paint thickness (quality) expertise (measurement) in Lithuania

Measuring the thickness of the bodywork during a car body check should be one of the most essential checks to be carried out when buying a used car, and can help avoid unpleasant surprises in the future due to poor bodywork repairs or paintwork.
With the professional and metrologically tested Car Check System PLUS body coating thickness measuring equipment, we can reliably determine whether a car has been repainted or repaired, and the quality of the work. Measurements are taken on all types of metal surfaces up to a paint thickness of 5 mm (5000 μm).
Most car manufacturers have a factory-applied body coating thickness of 70-170 microns for exterior parts and 50-100 microns for interior surfaces (gaps, pillars, and painted surfaces of the engine compartment and trunk).
Proof of ownership of the asset (acquisition documents) must be provided for the assessment. The results of the measurements may be presented in a written expert report, accompanied by a record of the measuring device.

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    Why is it important to have a car body paint thickness test?

    The body of a car is an expensive and important part of the vehicle, and its condition has a particularly strong impact on the value of the car. Therefore, when buying a used car, it is essential to know whether the car has been used before. A dented car may be less safe and the airbags may no longer work. Buying a used car is also risky because the body geometry may be damaged and the car may be harder to drive. Even an honest seller will not necessarily be able to give you an honest answer as to whether the car has been dented before, as the car may have been dented before he bought it. An expert examination of the thickness of the paint on the car’s bodywork will give you an idea of the true condition of the car and help you to negotiate the purchase.

    How is the thickness of the paint on the car body measured?

    Cars are painted in a uniform layer during production. The thickness of the layer changes only if the car has been crashed and then repaired. In this case, the paint layer can be either thicker or thinner. When measuring the thickness of the paint on the car’s bodywork, our experts will assess how thick the paint layer is and then decide whether or not it has been dented.

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