Valuation of agricultural, forestry and industrial machinery

Valuation of agricultural, forestry and industrial machinery means determining the value of any machinery, plant or equipment. It involves a variety of valuation techniques and methodologies that help to assess the technical condition, functionality, operating history, purpose and other factors that may affect the value of machinery.


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Professional valuation of agricultural, forestry and industrial machinery in Lithuania

The following documents must be submitted for the assessment: the registration certificate of the wheeled or tracked machinery (if registration is compulsory), and the most recent roadworthiness test (if roadworthiness test is compulsory).

Assessment of this machinery may be necessary when:

  • the preparation of financial statements;
  • the asset is subject to taxation;
  • it is necessary to determine the losses incurred;
  • the asset is mortgaged;
  • the asset is insured;
  • assets are sold or otherwise disposed of.

The valuation of agricultural, forestry and industrial machinery can be a complex and difficult process for those who are less experienced professionals. This is why it is important that you choose specialists in your field who can not only answer your questions but also ensure that the valuation is professional and impartial. Our team includes licensed appraisers with extensive practical experience and qualified transport engineers. Contact us and we will ensure that the process runs smoothly and your expectations are met.


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    Information in case of damage to the vehicle

    Up-to-date information in the event of damage to a vehicle in an accident:

    • According to the Law on Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance for Motor Vehicle Operators, the responsible insurer or the Bureau must immediately send an authorised person to inspect the damaged or destroyed property, draw up an inspection report and submit it to the injured third party for his/her signed information, within 3 working days of the receipt of the written notification of the accident.
    • If the person authorised by the responsible insurer or the Office fails to appear within the prescribed period, the injured third party shall have the right to hire a property valuer to determine the amount of the damage caused to the property. In such a case, the responsible insurer or the Office shall be liable to reimburse the injured third party for the costs of hiring a property valuer which are reasonable.
    • The injured third party shall have the right, on his/her own initiative and at his/her own expense, to have further expert advice as to the extent of the damage caused.
    • Always ask the responsible insurer to provide a quotation (estimate of the repair work).

    Why should you choose our team?

    Choosing a reliable valuer is not easy. That’s why it’s worth paying more attention to your search to find a professional who will not only answer every question thoroughly, but also make the process easier for you to understand and avoid complications. Here are the reasons why you should contact us:

    • Our team has been successfully providing valuation services for more than 18 years. Over the years, we have not only improved our knowledge and skills, but also learned how to work more quickly and understand our clients’ expectations. That’s why today’s clients find us not only easy to deal with, but also enjoyable.
    • We have many years of experience, but we don’t think that’s a reason why we should stop improving. Our team is not only qualified, but also innovation-loving and committed to excellence. Our appraisers participate in seminars organised by professional organisations and supervisory authorities of the Republic of Lithuania, belong to professional organisations of property appraisers, are members of the Lithuanian Chamber of Appraisers and the Lithuanian Association of Property Appraisers.
    • We use the latest reliable and valid sources of information, monitor market news and trends.
    • We are independent appraisers, so we are impartial and work objectively.
    • We work honestly and diligently. We do not neglect smaller clients in order to focus on higher paying clients. Every client is equally important to us, so we strive not only to spend as much time as the client’s project requires, but also to meet all the client’s expectations.
    • We work confidentially. Whether you are an existing or potential client, your information will be equally protected. We do not publish information on the internet that is related to our clients, nor do we share it with other clients.
    • It is important to us that customers are satisfied not only with the quality of the service but also with the price offered. We constantly look at the prices available on the market in order to be able to offer our customers fair pricing.

    Contact us

    Our team has been providing valuation services for agricultural, forestry and industrial machinery for many years, so you can rest assured that we will carry out the work promptly and professionally. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about the valuation process for agricultural, forestry and industrial machinery and give you a personalised quote. Our offices are located in Vilnius and Klaipėda, but our services are available throughout Lithuania.